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Agent Assisted Phone Payments for Amazon Connect

Descope your contact centre payments from the requirements of the PCI DSS


Agent Assist utilises DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) masking technology, as well as Speech Recognition for customers who can’t use their telephone keypad, to provide companies with a secure way of handling payments by phone.

Agent Assist for Amazon Connect completely descopes your contact centre environment, including agents, from PCI DSS requirements.  The agent doesn’t hear or see the card data, all they see are asterisks on the screen. The customer and the agent can still converse throughout the process but the sensitive card data, the PAN and the CSV, are prevented from reaching the agent or your environment. Certified to the highest level with leading card companies and available globally, Agent Assist protects your data, safeguards your reputation and builds consumer trust. Head over to the Amazon connect marketplace to secure your payments.


AWS Partner Network Advanced Technology Partner



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Integration Diagram

Female contact centre agent


  • Customer peace of mind
  • Safe and scalable
  • Integrates with all payment providers
  • Carrier, phone system, & CRM agnostic


  • Reduce the scope of PCI DSS
  • Reduce AHT (Average Handling Time)
  • Reduce pressure on Agents
  • Increase payment success

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